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If It Moves, Lock It!
It wasn't long after the automobile began its ride to popularity that aftermarket locks became available to protect the driver's valuables, including the car itself.

Hundreds of Ideas
Hundreds of ideas for locking devices began showing up at the patent office: some were good ideas, others, not so. Locks became available for wheels, spare tires, lap robes, foot pedals, gas lines, and in the case of the Model T Ford, even locks on top of locks.

The Demise of Accessory Locks
Most accessory locks became obsolete with the popularization of closed cars with their lockable doors and trunks, although a few remained for exterior use, such as for gas caps, fender skirts and even license plate frames.

Accessory Locks for Antique Cars

Spare Tire Nut Locks - Page 2

hurd nut lock
Hurd nut lock
hurd nut lock
Hurd nut lock
t and a mfg nut lock
T & A nut lock
butters nut lock
Butters nut lock
unknown nut lock
Unknown manufacturer
ilco nut lock
Ilco nut lock
gm nut lock
GM nut lock
gm nut lock
GM nut lock
unknown nut lock
Unknown manufacturer
unknown nut lock
Unknown mfr, Yale lock cylinder, KB keyway
unknown nut lock - best lock co
Unknown mfr, Best lock cylinder
wise nut lock
Wise nut lock assembly
wolverine nut lock
Wolverine nut lock, Hurd cylinder
The four- and five-lock sets at right were for the running gear. Wheel balance was not considered as essential given the relatively low speeds and the rough roads of the teens and twenties.

Eventually tire manufacturers would vulcanize a red dot on the lightest side of the tire.

"Every time a tire is changed a car owner should see that the valve stem is placed opposite the red spot, or not more than two inches away from it."

    J. W. Hartness, president of the local Packard distributer Miami News, February 22, 1928
set of five nut locks - unknown mfgr
Set of 5 nut locks, unknown mfr, Chicago lock cylinder
hurd nut lock assembly
Hurd nut lock assembly, unknown application
ivano tirelox set of four
Set of 4 Ivano nut locks, Yale lock cylinder
Tire 1 Tire 2 Tire 3 Tire 4 Tire 5 Nut 1 Nut 2 Padlock 1 Padlock 2 Wheel 1 Ignition 1